I’m in my mid-fiftites, which gives me something in common with men my age that others can’t appreciate.  We love James Bond.  As all red-blooded American men we love a good cowboy movie, but espionage is our game and James Bond is our daydream.

The man who outfitted 007 was none other than Mr. Anthony Sinclair, a Savile Row tailor.  I always wanted a tailor.  I’m not much of a shopper and the notion that I might have my suits and shirts made by a single source was always appealing.  There was a time, of course, when this attitude was common.  Sherlock Holmes had a bespoke tobacconist. 007 had a remarkable tailor with a eye for enduring style and fine taste.

What’s more, Anthony Sinclair hosts a site that reflects the nature of Anthony Sinclair clothing–understated craftsmanship with a dash of British cool.

“He was a secret agent, and still alive thanks to his exact attention to the detail of his profession.”  Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

Visit Anthony Sinclair Mayfair here: Home

Mark Brandyberry

Bartender, Rose Street Fencing Academy & Cocktail Society