River City Fencing has been housed at several locations since 2004. There is no place better, however, than 222 North Chauncey Avenue in West Lafayette, Indiana 47906.  That address takes you to Morton Community Center a former elementary school that was donated to the people of West Lafayette years ago.

River City Fencing’s relationship with Morton Center goes deeper than just renting space.  Management at Morton Center has always been cooperative with our desire to bring fencing to the Greater Lafayette Community.  As long-time patrons we have enjoyed using Morton Center as a fencing salle–humble though it may be–to host classes and practice for our fencers.

For many years, we have been a part of Morton Center’s celebration of culture and diversity known as GlobalFest.  At this Labor Day festival the global population seems to converge on this venue to prove that West Lafayette provides diversity and color common to metropolitan areas far larger than our small town.  We see dozens, if not hundreds, of people in a day at GlobalFest, and our fencers use GlobalFest as an opportunity to show-off their skills to friends, classmates and family.

See us this year at GlobalFest 2012 on September 1st.  We will be there giving demonstrations most of the day–10:00 AM to well into the evening.  Stop by and say watch a demonstration.  Better still, be part of the demonstration! Strap on a jacket and mask. Grab a foil. Oh, and don’t forget to hit the other guy first!

Our thanks to everyone who runs our Morton Center: Brenda Lorenz, Marianne Giao and, of course, the mysterious gentleman known only as Phillip.  These folk do the background work that allow our salle to be so successful.

See you at GlobalFest,

Mark Brandyberry

Foilist at River City Fencing