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Maestro Paul GeraciMaestro Paul Geraci, 2014

I’ve known Paul Geraci for many years, now.  I think I met him a decade ago not long after I took up foil fencing.  I remember our first bout, and it was an eye opener.  He seemed to score at will.  This was no small feat as I fancied myself a fine enough foil fencer at the time.  Still, with well timed tricks and traps he taught me my first real lesson in fencing.

I’ve taken hundreds of hours of lessons from Paul since then.  We’ve studied together on the piste, but we’ve spent many more hours discussing the esoterica of fencing at favorite haunts over lunch.  I acted as his student when he stood for his Prevot practical, and I was thrilled when a couple years following he landed his maitre d’ epee in Denver.

River City Fencing is fortunate to know Maestro Paul Geraci, and I am fortunate to be his student and friend.

Fence well,

Mark Brandyberry

PS.  I do not know who took this photo of him, but it is a fine portrait.